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Wonderland Afghanistan

"How is life on this side of the sky?"
Untold stories by Nargis.

“Welcome to my home:

Wonderland Afghanistan” 

(Pt. 1)

This is Afghanistan. A country once named the heart of Asia, now became a territory of poverty and restrictions. A land where education has the same sentence as murder. A place where its people will even stop breathing if it is an order from the unrecognised government. 

How is life on this side of the sky?

This little part under the same blue sky has a lot of untold stories. Its people live a very different life of which you may not be aware.

Life seems chaotic in this part of the world. After 40 years of war, this country is yet to dance however their enemies of years want them to. ‘Until you pass the bridge it’s a must to even call the bear uncle’ a Dari saying which explains the situation. In this wonderland regardless of agreeing with the government or not a person must not stand against the government because the cost of it is death and torture. 

Ethnic minorities are becoming more excluded every day with new rules making it legal to fire all university teachers who are not from the same ethnicity as the government authorities. No music or dancing allowed. The bride and groom cannot see each other, not even on the wedding day in the wedding hall. As human rights are proudly ignored, security checks can be conducted at any time of the day. Yes, they will enter your house and do anything they wish with it. Especially if you commit the crime of representing a different ethnicity. 

How come you never heard about it?

“Women in our Wonderland” 

(Pt. 2)


In this country they do not matter as much as a penny. ‘Do they have any rights?. From amusement parks and hotels. From schools to universities. Workplaces and even some sidewalks are banned for women in this land. Can you imagine not being able to walk on a sidewalk just because you are a woman? Just in case the world has forgotten, it is exactly 653 days that the young innocent girls can’t go to school, get educated.

Women go out with only one dress code. All black. All long and baggy. And I can’t even imagine what would happen if someone neglected this “law”. 

Implying anything the government has in mind is as easy as establishing a rule called “ The Sharia Law” and forcing people to obey them. Such as banning music of any sort and entering the Art college breaking all the instruments (as it is a legal action now). 

In this country, the focus is all shifted to what a woman wears, and a million thefts a day would be easily ignored. 

How come you never heard about it?

“How Come You Never

Heard About It?” 

(Pt. 3)

In this male-dominated country not only do we have dress codes but “ food codes” I’d like to call them. They even establish rules for what people should eat on which occasion. Not to mention the consequences of disobeying them. 

So how come you never heard about it?

Power connection is limited to how much they want you to connect. This country only allows you to have phone calls and signals for as long as they wish. Media reports are completely controlled and censored. No journalist can report something against them. No truth can be leaked.

Living in Afghanistan is like living a nightmare but with your eyes wide open. Afghanistan will soon become the second North Korea and the world will stay unaware.

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