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Initially, femininity was a mere assumption, an overgeneralization that just so happened to make the world's complexities easier to comprehend. Later, it turned into an insult. Then, it became a threat. 


With this edition, we aim to redefine femininity as something strong; to be proud of. We wish to cut back its initial definition to "a set of qualities or attributes" that are no longer confined to people identifying as women. It is high time for society to realize that femininity is prevalent in all human beings regardless of gender identity. That the person who once vulnerably revealed to you their deepest secrets could be the most respected business owner in town. That the most rational, tough person you know may one day seek a shoulder to cry on.


It is time we stop minimizing human complexities and embrace the different characteristics within us. It is time we embrace femininity.

(excerpt from Editor's Note)


Growing Up, Growing Out 

Life continues to push against the boundaries of existence despite enormous loss and tumultuous change – that is what we learn in Edition 1. ‘Growing Up, Growing Out’ embodies the collective sigh of relief as the world opens up amidst hopeless situations, as the parallels between the good and the bad run alongside each other. 


It is both a shame and a relief to look back at places you’ve grown up and out of. We are built from the scaffolds of the memories we’ve left behind us. The places we no longer fit into but used to feel so, so comfortable in. For many of the amazing people I have met this year, this has meant an extreme shedding of the comfort zone, and through this magazine, I have learnt the potential that can be reached by simply doing things instead of dreaming about them. 


Growing out, to me, is an ache or yearning for bigger things that are never satisfied. 


 The voices in this issue are curious, restless, waiting to emerge from the soft white underbelly of the artistic world to bring us previously brushed-off perspectives and thoughts.

[Excerpt from Editor's Note]

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